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Corporate culture



Japan Yamazaki Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1939, it’s the seventh bearing manufacturer in Japan. For decades, QTQ has met the needs of users all over the world and made great contributions to industrial development and technological progress. At the same time, by virtue of its technical advantages in precision processing, QTQ continuously develops high-precision products such as bearings, automotive parts, precision mechanical components and so on. At present, more than 20 countries and regions around the world have established a sales network for QTQ, and it has more than 50 manufacturers, ranking the top in the world. QTQ bearings have the fifth largest market share in the world in terms of balls, and the market share of linear bearings is the third in the world. In addition to the bearing industry, the market share of electric power steering devices for automobile manufacturing produced by QTQ is the fourth in the world. QTQ has the world's top friction treatment technology, and has successfully developed the transmission for the first time in the country.

In terms of company sales, QTQ's total turnover in 2008 was 522 billion and 15 million Yen.

The market share of QTQ in ball bearings, automotive bearings and ball screw is the fifth in the world. QTQ has established a sales network in more than 20 countries and regions worldwide, ranking the first in the world. In order to thank the trust of the vast number of users in China, QTQ is committed to exporting advanced production technology to the rapidly developing China. Gradually establish and improve the business system with production as the core, technology as the guidance and marketing information as the assistance. QTQ will accelerate the localization process of this system, so as to provide more direct and perfect services for the vast number of users in China, and make due contributions to China's industrial modernization.

Enterprise concept

The company takes "high quality, good faith, customer first" as its purpose, strict management and excellence. Be enterprising, improve the professional quality of employees, do a good job in after-sales service, provide customers with the required qualified products, and we would devoted all our energy to our customers. Strict quality control. Introduce high value-added products to save customers'costs and maximize their value. Always adhere to the enterprise concept of "credibility comes from quality" and "trust comes from profession", and have been making unremitting efforts. Base on the present, look ahead to the future, and provide better service to every customer.

The company sincerely expects to open up new fields with more users and create brilliant career together. Provide complete bearing solutions for global bearing users.

Global layout

QTQ is not satisfied with the status of domestic industry in Japan, but also has long focused on overseas markets. QTQ has established a mature production base, development and sales mechanism. Due to excellent quality and thoughtful service, the cause of QTQ is also making rapid progress. In these major markets in the world, QTQ utilizes a well-structured network to integrate four regions of Japan, Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific into a complete supply and marketing system. Because of China's pivotal position, the development of QTQ in China will further improve the quadrupole system.

The full-time oriented network system of QTQ connects four major economic regions of Japan, Europe, America and Asia-Pacific 24 hours uninterruptedly, realizes all-round real-time data management of production, sales, logistics and technology development, and can retrieve and analyze data anytime and anywhere, and order to any region of the world at the same time. It will also be able to access the international Internet and open market intelligence to QTQ dealers around the world. The global electronic logistics system of QTQ will enter the new era of network synchronously with the times.

The main product of QTQ is bearing, which is the heart of all machines; it is an indispensable product in modern society; known as "grain of mechanical industry"; it ensures the quality of all industrial products; the purpose of QTQ is to run and control; to find out the root of the operation/friction phenomenon of machines to ensure the smooth rotation and operation; it is everywhere, always providing abundant colorful life for human beings and will contribute to global energy conservation campaigns and resource conservation.

QTQ bearings are dedicated to serving China.

Service in China

Japan Yamazaki Industrial Co., Ltd. in China, the integrated agency of bearing product sales and service, in order to sell and promote the QTQ products in Greater China, cooperates with Shanqi Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and formulates a series of relevant policies in line with the national conditions to serve the vast number of Chinese customers.

The Greater China (China) mainly distributes machinery and equipment spare parts, bearings, automobile spare parts and so on. In addition, the company has independent import and export business rights, complete China's electronic ports and other communication systems, to ensure the smooth road of domestic and foreign products.

Main Distribution Products: Imported Bearings. Now the company mainly distributes products as agents: spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings and related components. QTQ products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, paper making, elevator, cement, port lifting, construction machinery and other industries, to win the trust of customers with excellent performance and stable quality. Products are mainly sold to China, North China, Northeast China, East China, South China, Southwest China, Central China. (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)

QTQ strives to import conservative consumption knowledge and governance experience into China, which is expanding at a high speed. It gradually establishes and improves the industry structure centered on consumption, guided by knowledge and assisted by marketing information. QTQ will slow down the process of its localization, so as to provide more indirect and perfect service for vast users in China.

In order to improve the sales and promotion of QTQ products in China, we cooperate with Shanqi Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to promote the sales and service of QTQ products in China.

The company can cooperate with users and implement targeted stock-up, strive to reduce the purchasing cost of users, and gradually create conditions for users to achieve zero inventory. It is willing to build a fixed bridge for business exchanges with enterprises, companies, units and individuals, and develop together in this cooperation.

        Shanqi Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Shinqi Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is located in Shanghai, the leading city of the Yangtze River economy, it’s the first partner of Japan Yamazaki Industrial Corporation (QTQ Ltd.) in China, with a building area of thousands of square meters and a professional marketing team.

The company is mainly responsible for the sales and service of QTQ products in China, with independent import and export rights. QTQ mainly sells products: imported bearings, automotive parts, etc. Product models include: spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings and related components. Products mainly for metallurgy, mining, paper making, elevators, cement, port lifting, construction machinery and other major industries to provide various types of supporting bearings.

The company reserves a large number of spot stocks, complete varieties, so as to ensure the credibility of high quality and the best price, timely delivery. The company not only has a huge distribution system and marketing network, but also has a perfect computer information management system, from inquiry, quotation to purchase, sale and storage management, from user service to the company's internal management system, which fully reflects the high and rigorous information management and service of modern enterprises.

Shanqi Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes friends from all walks of life. The company has always adhered to the "customer-oriented" service purpose, adhered to the "integrity first, quality first, service first" business philosophy, and continuously provided high-quality products and good faith, fast and professional services for the vast number of users.

Shanqi Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. serves China's construction.

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